Here is a selection of my best shoots sorted in a few different categories.

Night shoots:
img_1487 img_0491 img_0614 img_0715 img_0758 img_1166-5 img_1123-2

Macro/Nature photos:

img_2600 img_2602 img_1250 img_13611 img_1522 img_1543 img_2301 img_1800 img_1827 img_1859 img_9745 scan78014


img_2701-3 img_2594 img_0887 2006_12_17-img_1345 2006_12_20-img_1636 scan-hq11016 2006_12_22-img_1935


img_1147-2 img_1471 img_1495 img_5648

img_2139cr2 img_2097 img_0100 img_0429 scan66006

scan78023 scan102018 scan102024 2006_12_27-img_3088 img_1095

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