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Info about me and stuff
This website belongs to Gustav Svensson wich is the one who got the internet name averater. averater is a made up word without any meaning that I did choose since it is easy to write and resulted in zero hits on all major search engines at that time. Therefor it is always available when I need an username for different Internet services. This site is made by me with wordpress wich runs on php/mysql. More info about the website can be read at it’s projectblog.

About me
I’m some over 25 years old, lives in Göteborg on the beautiful Hising Island and works as a teacher in math and science at a high school (?). I go to BurĂ„skyrkan wich is a good church in Johanneberg. My other interests is photo, aquariums and computional neerding. I do appreciate good food but not that this looks like a personal advertisement.

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All material and all photos i copyrighted but are free for private persons to reproduce for noncommercial use if I'm credited and the persons on the photos agree.